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Who We Are

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David and Chantel 

Opening day in our new location at 117 Centrepointe Drive

The logo of Around the Block Butcher & Market

David Wallace

Chantel Balla

Our backgrounds are in cooking and working in fine-dining restaurants in Canada and we try to understand what our customers look for in quality food.


Chantel studied fine arts in college. David studied culinary arts and has helped teach short cooking courses in Ottawa, including at the college level. ATB frequently participates in food events here.


We both love cooking and understand the importance of using great ingredients.​ What's more, we believe ideas on food and the food system should be shared, ultimately leading to making more sustainable choices.

Everyone at ATB works hard to make ATB friendly, welcoming and an integral and  valuable part of the community. We support several Ottawa charities and worthy causes each year.  



ATB 11 years in business.jpg

Around the Block was established in 2013 on Cobden Road in Ottawa.


Over the last decade, we have brought value to our customers by offering a synergy of service, quality, selection, and approachability.


In January 2024, we moved our small business to a larger space at 117 Centrepointe Drive very close to our original location.


Expect more service, more parking, more selection, and the same ATB approach to customer care.


At Around the Block Butcher & Market, you will find improved offerings that suit the contemporary grocery market, all within a welcoming environment.


We look forward to having you visit.

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Young Female Farmer
Badge from Around the Block Butcher & Market saying handcrafted



Thanks for supporting ATB and local and regional farms and businesses

Our philosophy

At Around the Block, we pride ourselves in the quality products we offer and produce to help our customers achieve their goals around the food they eat – whether in your day-to-day home cooking, finding meals your children will enjoy, picking up a well-rounded nutritious lunch, or even if you are hosting a dinner party with an elevated menu.

Product Mission

To provide and create great and nutritious food for everyone to enjoy

Social Mission

To have a positive impact on people and communities

Business Mission

To create a well-managed business with sound finances and stable growth, enabling staff to flourish

Badge from Around the Block Butcher & Market saying handcrafted



Our Products 

​We believe food should not only taste good but be good for your health.

Our ATB team takes pride in providing fine quality meats and products from local and regional, ethical, and sustainable farms, and good suppliers. We try to taste-test a sample of everything before we carry their products. We want your feedback too.

What we uniquely offer at ATB is consistency:

  • Consistent quality of products

  • A consistent friendly environment

  • Consistently helpful service - we're delighted to provide tips on choosing products and how best to use or prepare them


“Better than what one gets at the supermarket but competitively priced.”

"Freshest product and finest cuts at reasonable prices."

"By far the best butcher we've ever been to."


"Going to ATB is one of my favourite actually-get-out-and-say-hi-to-someone things .. Way safer than the grocery store, better quality, tastier food and love the welcoming vibe. The pandemic is wearing but ATB remains a fav!"

First Day Flowers for ATB.jpg

"Very helpful and friendly."

" Excellent service and quality."

ATB Pillar Sign_edited.jpg

"Great staff, super friendly and willing to help."

We wish to create a pleasant experience while visiting our shop.


We want our customers to return because of the quality of the products, the cheerful service, and sound advice on choosing products and tips on cooking.

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